About Us

Grants Management Services

We provide grants management services to Donors who have a vision of people in our communities being healthy, educated and economically self-sufficient.

To us, grants management includes: understanding the needs within our communities; investigating and analyzing grant applications; conducting thorough due diligence; recommending projects from high-performing organizations that best fit our Donors' priorities and are likely to deliver strong, measurable results; developing grant terms that meet Donor objectives, building and maintaining positive working relationships with the charitable organizations who seek and receive our Donors' investment; and, finally, monitoring grant compliance and assessing grant performance. Our goal is to conduct a seamless and professional charitable giving program for our Donors across Western Canada and the Midwest United States.

HRJ Consulting Ltd. began with simply HRJ - Heather Rae Johnson

Heather, a former civil litigation and family law lawyer, launched the organization from her home in 1994. As time progressed, so did we. By 1998, the organization had four employees and moved into a small office in south Calgary. Three of those four original individuals are now part of a senior management team for close to 25 employees spread across Western Canada and the Midwest US. While the team has grown and our processes have evolved, each one of us remains committed to our Donors' vision. We are driven by professionalism, accountability, learning, advancement and innovation. We embrace change. We deliver, and measure, results.


Our Donors wish to conduct their charitable giving anonymously. Confidentiality with respect to the identity of our Donors and their charitable activity is a key value of our organization. We conduct our business discreetly while safeguarding the identity and anonymity of the Donors we represent.