Grants are awarded to eligible organizations that align to our Donors’ Investment Framework and demonstrate the potential for impact. Requests for programs, buildings and capital assets, technology, capacity building, systems change, general operations, endowments and applied research are considered.


To submit an application, organizations must first register and create an account on the online portal. After the one-time registration is accepted, the application process can start. 


The application process starts with a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) accessed by clicking on the New Application button in the online portal.

  • There is continuous intake of LOIs.
  • The request must tell the story of who the organization is, what it is trying to do, why and how. It should make a strong case for support that aligns to our Donor’s vision and demonstrates potential for impact.
  • In addition to stating specific and measurable outputs and/or outcomes expected to be achieved through the request, applicants are asked to select from a pre-defined list of common target population objectives and known approaches. The selection(s) should be supported by the case for funding presented in the LOI. This information will help our Program staff understand how the request fits within the Investment Framework.
  • Applicants are assigned program staff who conduct a preliminary review of the LOI within 30 days of submission.
  • For technical questions, contact


If the LOI is of interest, the applicant may be invited to submit a full application.

  • Program staff are available for consultation throughout the application process.
  • The questions in the application are intentionally general and without word limits.
  • Requests should be clear and comprehensive, describing:


    • The what, how, who, why and when of the effort for which funds are being requested.
    • The target population to be served.
    • The research, practice or theory of change informing a well-designed plan.
    • Specific and measurable outputs and outcomes with the potential for long-term impact.
    • How the request has the potential to move those typically served toward health, education or economic self-sufficiency.
  • With the full application, applicants will see an Impact Data Table which has been built using the information provided at the LOI. The table builds on the Target Population Objectives chosen by the applicant and adds key performance indicators, when applicable, to assist our Donors in assessing the potential impact of their granting program. If the request is focused on change for the applicant organization as well, the Table may also include common Organization Objectives and connected performance indicators. Once objectives, the identified target populations and the specific indicators for each are agreed upon, applicants will add specific targets (numeric fields) for each indicator. This data will be reported on across the life span of any grant that is awarded. Our program staff will work with applicants to help them understand and navigate the Impact Data Table presented in the Application.
  • Budgetary information provided must be accurate and supported throughout the application.


Submitted applications are subject to a competitive review process and each request is considered by multiple reviewers. Successful applicants can expect to receive a grant agreement within approximately 120 days from the date of final submission of the full application. Actual timing will depend on a number of factors including volume of requests under consideration at any given time. Applicants are strongly encouraged to work within any suggested timelines received from program staff. Grant agreements are developed in consultation with the successful applicant and are intended to meet the objectives of both the applicant and the Donor. Requests of $10,000 or less may be considered and processed on an expedited basis.