Applicants must articulate how their request aligns to our Donors’ Investment Framework. Fit is based on target population and alignment to one of our Donors’ priority areas for funding.

Specifically, our Donors are interested in

Building Community Capacity

Community capacity is strengthened by efforts that expand diverse, inclusive resident participation; build community leadership; develop a community vision and action agenda; and ensure community organizations are effective and used by residents. Our Donors believe communities that can tackle complex issues are better positioned to capitalize on community strengths and withstand challenges.


  • A guideline for establishing economic disadvantage is household income at or below 200% of the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) in Canada or Federal Poverty in the US, or some other specific, objective measure of income.
    • Applicants should articulate the process by which income is verified.
    • Applicants should be able to verify at least 80% of those served cannot afford to pay, or can only partially pay, for the service or program.
    • In special circumstances, when a higher income threshold is appropriate or an alternate measure is being used, applicants should provide a clear rationale for doing so.
  • People facing an immediate threat including those fleeing violence or at-risk of harming themselves or others, for whom income data is not available and seeking verification of income would be inappropriate.
  • People facing significant barriers to care and in need of immediate assessment and referral, where income verification may be perceived as another barrier to care.
  • People facing issues such as homelessness where economic disadvantage is assumed and it is not necessary to formally verify income.
  • Efforts designed to benefit a universal audience or target population other than listed here are not eligible for Donor support.

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