For a free and prosperous society

Grants are awarded to eligible organizations that act to protect our democratic system and freedoms and can demonstrate the potential for policy change to have a positive impact for people on the road to economic self sufficiency.

The more compelling the connection between what an Applicant expects to achieve through its request and our Donors’ priorities as described here, the stronger the case for support. 



Our Donors believe in the importance of a strong democratic system in which governments are established through free and fair processes and held accountable to the citizens that elected them. A system where citizens understand their rights and responsibilities, actively participate in civic life and have access to the information necessary to make informed decisions. A system with a free and accountable press and the open exchange of ideas is at the heart of democracy.



Our Donors believe in the importance of individual rights and freedoms. Artificial barriers can hinder a person’s ability to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. Individuals must be protected from undue interventions by the state; special interest groups cannot thwart the interest of the individual or subvert the democratic process for their own gains; and the rule of law must apply equally to all citizens regardless of wealth or status. Civil liberties and individual freedoms such as freedom of association, religion, speech and expression are integral to democracy and a person’s ability to fully participate in the economy.



Our Donors believe a strong economy – one allowed to operate without excessive government intervention and in which people are free to create wealth and jobs through individual initiative – has the greatest potential to lift the most people out of poverty. Individuals, not governments, create economic prosperity. Freedom unleashes human talent, creativity and innovation. The freer the economic system, the freer the people and with freedom comes increased prosperity and opportunity. A strong public discourse is necessary to find appropriate boundaries of government action; to understand the possible unintended consequences of government interference with market signals; and to explore market-based, competitive solutions to resolve economic and social issues.

Eligible Target Populations

  • Public policy initiatives ultimately benefit a general or more broadly defined target population and are more universal in nature.
  • Public policy projects often first identify a target audience. Indicators of influence on a specific target audience are valid outcomes that provide evidence of incremental progress toward an intended positive change.
  • Within the public policy arena, projects should connect to at least one of three specific subcategories of interest: safeguarding democratic ideals; protecting individual rights and freedoms and promoting markets and economic prosperity.