A Team of Professionals

HRJ Consulting was established by our president, Heather Rae, in 1994. Over the years, the team has grown to include program and administrative staff, legal officers and grants management specialists, each guided by our Donors’ vision of people being healthy, educated and economically self-sufficient.

Our Culture

HRJ Consulting is a community where people know each other well. We see strength in professional and personal relationships. We value hard work and share a common commitment to be an innovative, flexible and responsive team. Learning is a cornerstone as we continually seek better ways of doing business, improving processes and achieving our goals. We have high expectations of ourselves and others for performance, commitment and involvement. We celebrate our successes and honour our achievements. We communicate with honesty and respect and prize self-management and autonomy.


Grants Management Services

HRJ Consulting is not a funder. We are consultants who administer our Donors’ granting programs. That means we conduct thorough due diligence to ensure eligibility requirements are maintained; solicit, investigate, analyze and present grant requests from qualified applicants who fit our Donors’ Investment Framework; prepare legal agreements; process payment requests; monitor grant compliance; and report on grant activity and impact. By working directly with applicants and grantees we allow our Donors to conduct their work quietly and with anonymity.

Committed to our Donors’ vision, HRJ Consulting staff strive to understand the needs within our Donors’ geographic areas of focus. On the Donors’ behalf, we seek out high-performing charitable organizations that best fit our Donors’ priorities and are likely to deliver measurable outputs and outcomes that have the potential for impact.

A Balanced Approach

Our approach focuses on both the technical data included in the application and the relationship that is built between staff and applicants and grantees. We encourage open, honest dialogue and transparency.

We strive to build and maintain positive working relationships with the charitable organizations who seek investment from our Donors. We work with successful applicants to develop grant terms that meet both applicant and Donor objectives. We continue that relationship throughout the life of the grant agreement, monitoring grant compliance and assessing grant performance.


Our Donors wish to conduct their charitable giving anonymously. Confidentiality with respect to the identity of our Donors and their charitable activity is an essential value of our organization. We conduct our business discreetly while safeguarding the identity and anonymity of the Donors we represent.