Our Donors' priorities guide our grants management services.
We share their vision of people being healthy, educated and economically self-sufficient.


You may fit if you...

provide immediate assistance to people who are living in poverty, are disadvantaged, unemployed, sick, or experiencing a crisis
seek long-term, sustainable improvement in the quality of lives of economically disadvantaged children, youth and families.
provide support to the charitable sector to improve effectiveness and encourage philanthropy.
serve the broader community to enhance the quality of life for people living in that community.
conduct research or initiatives that inform people’s thinking and actions or if you offer innovative solutions with practical application to improve the quality of human lives.

provide people who live in poverty or are disadvantaged, unemployed, sick, or experiencing a crisis with:

Access to Continuum of Care, Referrals or Resources
Financial Literacy Training
Relief of Immediate Needs*
Subsidized Access to Mental, Dental or Health Care


*crisis or emergency assistance that: relieves hunger; provides emergency shelter and addiction treatment services less than 12 months in duration (addiction treatment services longer than 12 months may fall within the Donor's Teach to Fish priority); assists with rent, utilities, transportation, clothing, household goods, medical equipment, school supplies or disaster relief; provides crisis counselling; provides caregiver respite; provides camping opportunities for children with special needs or medical issues

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assist economically-disadvantaged children, youth and families to:


Achieve Academic Success
prepare for school, improve academic performance or achieve academic success

Access Education
access educational or learning opportunities otherwise unavailable

Earn a Living wage
prepare for employment, overcome employment barriers, obtain and maintain employment

Use Community Supports
access needed community resources

Be Safe & Stable
achieve safe and stable living conditions

Be Physically, Socially & Emotionally Healthy

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contribute to the strength and effectiveness of an independent sector and foster charitable organizations to:


Improve Sectoral Effectiveness
provide training or resources to improve the organizational effectiveness of nonprofit organizations

Encourage Philanthropy
facilitate philanthropy within our communities by operating community foundations or other re-granting programs


Note: Preference will be given to organizations supporting nonprofits making contributions to our Donors' priorities.

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lead individuals and families to economic self-sufficiency through creation of lasting changes within their community by engaging citizens to:


Build Community Capacity
develop the skills and capacities of local residents to address social, economic, education or health issues facing their communities

Educate the Public
conduct public education campaigns to prevent social, economic, education or health issues within the community

Enhance Community Living
enhance the quality of living in disadvantaged communities


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offer robust thinking and discovery that mobilizes people to solve complex problems. Our Donors value effective practices and policies promoting health and individual empowerment so people can be economically self-sufficient.  Your application may fit if you inform knowledge, policy or practice that directly relates to a Donor priority listed under Give a Fish, Teach to Fish, Strengthen Communities or Strengthen the Charitable Sector or if you:


Inform Health Care and Health Care Policy
conduct collaborative medical and scientific research that informs health care and health care policy or contributes to the search for cures to illness and disease
Enhance Public Knowledge, Practice & Policy
conduct interdisciplinary social science research that connects to a Donor priority, links research to effective practice and policy and enhances public knowledge
Promote Democracy and Citizen Engagement
increase citizen engagement in our democracy

Support Individual Freedom
encourage individual freedom, economic liberty and equality before the law

Offer Free Market Solutions
develop or promote free market solutions to public policy issues (solutions governed by the laws of supply and demand, not restrained by government interference, regulation or subsidy)

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